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About Us

Since 1970...

Being committed to quality service, having a wide variety of beads and findings, and offering original jewelry that was made by employees here in the store are just a few of the things that have kept our business thriving over the years.

The Bead Baron himself: Carl has been in the bead business for forty years and loves his line of work. When he first set up shop, he travelled to different countries around the world to collect his merchandise and see what the industry had to offer. In the years following, he designed and created stunning pieces of beaded jewelry, buying up thousands of beads along the way to expand his inventory. Eventually, the great amount of stones and glass required more room, and he absorbed the store front next to him in order to double the space. Today, he still comes to run the shop with his employees and oversee the order of things during store hours. 

Jewelry repair extraordinaire: Jean has worked here at The Bead Shop for a whopping 27 years now, and as a result, has developed an impeccable talent with beaded jewelry. When she first started working, she had just finished taking a degree in Art, which included many metal-smithing and jewelry-making classes. As time progressed, she became the go-to gal when a design seemed unworkable or above the intermediate abilities of her coworkers. Now, she is considered to be unsurpassed in her line of work, and is frequently requested by many long-time customers.

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